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Reviews, reviews, reviews???? Do we like them, hate them, need them??? That is a topic for another day. I understand the need for reviews. It is hard being a gentleman perusing advertisements over and over trying to determine if this one woman will be the right choice. To be able to obtain some feedback would go along way in reassuring you and therefore I have added this section of reviews for you.

I love receiving feedback from my client directly and privately, however, my request regarding receiving reviews publically is, I would like to be asked first. There are often many reasons that I don’t want a review posted. One being the increased volume they create in a time when I simply can not handle the amount.

Having said that, below are reviews that I have to date. Please enjoy, and I encourage you if you are not already a member of these reviews sites, to join and participate in the community. Direct links are always posted at the bottom of each review.

Jessica Rain by Kurt

I have had the pleasure of seeing Jessica regularly for the last year and half.I haven’t reviewed her as she has many good reviews and is a true Gem to be with.Every date we have has been different, and always super hot. Some really memorable sessions.Sometimes I...

Jessica Rain

Jessica is a wonderful full figured woman precisely as she describes herself on her website but in my opinion, she looks even better and younger in person by far. Her personality is warm inviting flirty and ever infectious and in the bedroom, insatiable.

Jessica Rain AKA LIONESS

I love to experiment and try all flavors this hobby has to offer and I noticed Jessica. She's sassy online and I could tell more mature and seems to be a what you see is what you get kind of girl based on the posting so I thought what the hell. A few Twitter DM's...

Review of Jessica Rain

Morning Gentlemen, Yesterday I had the pleasure of experiencing an hour of this special creature's time. I contacted her many days in advance and the meeting was arranged. Finding the place was easy and parking not a problem. I was greeted with a nice soft embrace...

Massage with Jessica Rain

I had the pleasure of meeting Jessica Rain a few weeks ago. A couple weeks prior I started a thread asking about recommendations for a relaxing massage with a HE. I didn’t want to go to a MP and deal with the up-sells since I wasn’t after any extras so I was...

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