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Opinion Piece: CuriousCat Question

So the question was simple:Do you think you offer the same service to all of your customers or do you see what’s on offer and make that extra effort for those that maybe appeal to you?Now the grammar mistake is not mine and I don’t quite get it, but I think it...

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High Off Life Podcast Interview

I was invited to Ottawa to do my first pod-cast with the guys at “High Off Life”. For my personal interview, scroll down. I truly enjoyed my time and they have many other podcasts that are equally as enjoyable so please check them out and follow them on Soundcloud....

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A girl named Fantasy

  Our journey this month starts off in a Strip club. Where? I do not know. How did I get there? That I don't know either. Do I care? Nope, not at all. As I take a look around the club, I see many beautiful women of all races, and more importantly, different...

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Double Education

  Being a teenager with the sex drive that I had was very difficult. One night stands in high school would get you labelled out quickly. I quickly learned that masturbation was going to be my only outlet for a while. By 19, I didn't want to rely on...

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Marked as Mine

Happy New Year! Isn’t it great? We get to start all over again with new resolutions, new starts and of course that means I end up in the gym like hundreds of other women all over the country. This year was a little different, however. I had a little more motivation...

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Erotic Stories Coming Soon…..

So in the new year, I will be adding a collection of erotic stories. Some mindless musings I have had over the years. Ideas, thoughts, fantasies scribbled away that I will now share with my Vip Clientele. I will post 1 story a month. Usually with an additional...

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Internet Trolls

I will never understand the internet troll. It is just something that I can not compute because the reasons behind trolling are lost on me. However there are different types of trolling and I am more understanding to some then to others. I understand disagreeing...

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New minimum wage and tipping policies….

Will you be changing your tipping policies when the new minimum wage kicks in? This is a question I posed to a few people and on a few boards and the outcome was as I hoped. Most people said no. They will not be changing anything and most of those people said they...

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Want to buy a review?

So this email has been going around amongst the ladies. Hi, Saw your ad post online and wanted to tell you that you look absolutely beautiful. I want to give you best reviews out there with top rankings. My approach is proven to help you make more money, attracting...

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