Erotic Stories Coming Soon…..

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So in the new year, I will be adding a collection of erotic stories. Some mindless musings I have had over the years. Ideas, thoughts, fantasies scribbled away that I will now share with my Vip Clientele.

I will post 1 story a month. Usually with an additional teasing visual aid{s}. If you are already a regular, you should know by now how much I do enjoy sharing literature of heavily detailed and graphic descriptions of naughty delights and sensual erotic scenarios.

I guess it should be said that most of these are just stories. While some may have elements of truth, these are mostly fantasies that I have enjoyed writing. These are stories to enjoy reading and dreaming about, not necessarily to act out.

To give you a little taste of what is to come and hopefully “cum”, I have left a little sample for you.

Coming Soon – Marked As Mine

He reached around with a powerful arm, grabbing a fistful of my hair and pulled down just hard enough, exposing the tender flesh of my neck. Lowering his head, he kissed a little trail down. Down from my neck. Down and over the top of my supple cleavage. Down and over the soft curves of my breasts, and then he affixed his greedy mouth on my nipple, sucking as if it was his last meal, weakening my knees in the process. Losing myself to the sensation of his heated tongue on my nipple, dancing in circles around and around and around, I melted even further into his embrace….


Coming Soon – Going Down

It was intoxicating. The need, the lust, the desire…

I felt his body start to tense and I knew he was close. I wrapped my legs tight around his back and squeezed, clutching his hard cock inside me. He exploded deep inside, filling me until he was leaking out and down my lovely trembling thighs.

He let me down while we hungrily continued to embrace. Before he released me and the elevator button, he reached down and slid two fingers inside my soaked pussy, feeling the mix of our juices streaming out of me…

“My name is Max by the way,” he said in a husky whisper. “For the next time we meet…”



So if you like these little teasers, and think you should be a VIP member of my site, please make sure you let me know on our next visit.

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