Internet Trolls

by | Oct 24, 2017 | 0 comments

I will never understand the internet troll. It is just something that I can not compute because the reasons behind trolling are lost on me.

However there are different types of trolling and I am more understanding to some then to others. I understand disagreeing with a person’s point or post for no other reason then to disagree, or even to see the other person get all fired up. I understand stupid kids joining a religious site and pretending to be an atheist. I understand that to those trolls, that is entertainment.

The big type of trolling that I understand is the lying, catfish, gas-lighting type posts. I do understand why a person would join a site to post complete falsehoods that make no sense. I don’t understand lying about being harassed at your job by your boss because they want to investigate you and look through your personal computer and you need help. I don’t understand asking about medical symptoms, implying it is STD based, when it is clearly a lie as those symptoms don’t fit any known STD.

These trolls get so wrapped up in their lies too. They get offended when you call them out on such behaviour, but if you fall for the troll and give them what you think are legitimate answers, they don’t stop. They keep adding to the story, asking more and more questions. They are not getting any personal information, nothing but people offering up suggestions to the troll who then keeps asking for more suggestions, and answers to something that has no true answer because it is BS.

I call them out and get confirmation I am right when the thread is deleted because it is proven to be a troll.

So that is the intent of the troll and what is the pay off. To see how many people will try for an answer that is just not there? To see how many posts or dates they can keep it going? For what purpose? What do that they get internally from this? I will never understand.

I guess I will never understand dishonesty and to come up with a completely fictional story for no reason will never make sense to me.

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