Opinion Piece: CuriousCat Question

by | Jul 24, 2019 | 0 comments

So the question was simple:

Do you think you offer the same service to all of your customers or do you see what’s on offer and make that extra effort for those that maybe appeal to you?

Now the grammar mistake is not mine and I don’t quite get it, but I think it means waiting to see if the client offers a gift or tip at the beginning of the session. At least that is how I am taking it and applying it to this answer.

My answer on twitter was equally simple:

I fully admit I don’t offer the same level of service to all clients. I don’t think service is a list of menu items. I think service is my overall companionship and because what I do is so intimate in nature, it will always be an unique experience for each client.

I want to expand on that for a minute.

I’m not an idiot, For some men, they are only looking for menu items. BBBJ, DFK, etc. Some ladies are ok with listing their offerings in this way and some are not. So it is hard to communication sometimes when you have menu oriented client speaking to a lady who is not big on using them. 

However, even if you are a menu or companionship based, the answer really is, or should be, the same I think.

Looks, age, height, etc don’t matter to us. If they did, we would not do this work. We would not be able to. So that myth of better looks get you better service, is just not true. 

Extra money, or gifts are nice but again, it is not going to automatically get you “better service”. 

Bad hygiene will for sure get you lower or no service. Good hygiene is and should be expected. So that will get you the service you would naturally get anyway.

This is why I say each experience is unique. Your experience depends on you. How respectful you are, engaged you are, personable you are and how well the two of you “mesh”. The connection is here there or it is not, and even that does not mean you will get “better service”. Especially if to you, better services, means “off the list” items for that individual lady. I’m not a Dom. I’m not going to become one even if you become my #1 top client. 

Just strive to be the best, more respectful you that you can be. That is all you can really do anyway. 

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