Douchebags that don’t know they are douchebags – Canceling on multiple escorts

by | Dec 23, 2018 | Ask An Escort?, Taboo Opinions | 0 comments

Sometimes I read the most annoying things online that others seem to think is no big deal. Today was no different of course.

It was a thread on TERB. More accurately a review. A review of a wonderful woman, so I am happy that she enjoyed her time with this person. However, the client is a bit of an ass by his own admission, if you ask me. Why? Because he admitted to cancelling on TWO other independent escorts in Toronto. 

Here is a quote of what he wrote in his review. 

Had the pleasure to visit with XXXX for multiple hours recently during an abbreviated trip to the GTA. Had to cancel two other lovely ladies (both Indies) which I hate to do but, we can’t always control how our bodies are feeling. I was spent after visiting with Sage.

BUT no, you don’t really care. You don’t really hate to do because you had no problem actually doing it.

This guy figures that he would be the “good guy” by cancelling and probably with a bit of notice, but not enough for these ladies to replace his appointments since this guy is also a self-admitted multihour booker. 

Now don’t get me wrong here folks, I totally get this lovely woman gave him a great time and none of this her fault. I am happy he did not cancel on her, but to cancel two multihour appointments with two indies at Christmas is hands down – a douchebag move. 

Now some of you are going to say – But but but Jess – if he can’t go through with it, then what is he suppose to do? 

First –  in a case like this guy – pay a cancellation fee. 

WHAT!?!?!?! – Jess you are not big on cancellation fees, so what are you talking about?

On a multi-hour appointment when cancelled like this for reasons like this, you don’t be an ass and you pay a cancellation fee.

However, if you are a guy who has a hard time with the physical limitations of your body that you are so tuckered out days after a session with an SP [sorry, no woman is that good in bed] then don’t book multiple ladies on your trip. Clearly, you are not a young buck anymore so stop trying to act like one with an overzealous booking of ladies. 

Lastly, if you are still a douche and do all these things, don’t be an idiot on top of it and admit this shit online. Now you have just gotten yourself put on a Bad Date List for being a time waster – YAY YOU!!!!!!

So don’t be like this guy. Book only the appointments you know you can handle, keep the appointments you book and if you can’t, FOR AN EMERGENCY REASON, for a multi-hour date, offer a cancellation fee. She may surprise you and not take it as is usually the case with me, but at least offer. It is the right thing to do. 



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